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bf program

Breastfeeding may be a natural process but being mothers, we are always worried and concerned about whether what we do is right or wrong. Myth, superstitions, and mummy hacks are easily accessible online, but what is right or wrong? What you should or should not do? We are not here to judge, just here to lend you a helping hand on this magical journey.

At Baby Express, our team of internationally certified Lactation Consultants are here to help and guide mothers on this magical journey. With proper training and knowledge, we aim to provide mothers with much-needed assistance. Breast pumping issues can be more than meet the eye and not just a 'not sure how to use'. Improper use of a breast pump can cause problems like cracked nipples to 'strawberry milk' and even mastitis, whereby medical intervention is required.


What is bf program?

The BF program is a program where Baby Express's users get exclusive access to our online Lactation Consultant. All eligible purchase comes with a 12-months subscription and also an optional add-on for another 6-months or 12-months.

  • BF program is only applicable to Baby Express's breast pump with valid warranty registration.
  • BF program optional add-on must be purchased within 7 days from the date of product purchase and extension will be in accordance to the warranty start date.
  • BF Program is limited to 1 subscription per breast pump unit, maximum of 24-months period.


Where can I purchase the subscription to the bf program?

Each eligible purchase comes with a 12-months subscription for free. Additional subscriptions can only be purchased from our website, link here. Kindly choose your preferred subscription in accordance with your breast pump model. Do note that 1 subscription is for 1 breast pump. If you have 2 breast pumps, you would need to subscribe to 2 to have both covered.


How do I register my subscription?

Register your warranty for auto-activation for the BF program. Your BF program subscription is tied to your warranty validity period, which can be tracked by you mobile number. For optional add-ons, it will be automatically updated based on your mobile number. You will receive a confirmation message upon validation.


What does BF Program cover/provide?


12 months period for the following :

  • Warranty on breast pump motor
  • Online lactation consultant assistance*
  • 30-minute in-person lactation consultation
  • Exclusive discount at Parents Place
  • Parenting workshops and activities


How much for the optional add-on and what does it cover?




Terms and conditions

BF program is applicable for Baby Express's breast pumps with a valid warranty only.

Add-on must be purchased within 7 days from purchase date and is limited to 1 per unit. Maximum warranty coverage per unit is 24 months from warranty start date.

Strictly no exchange, top up or refund or transfer once purchase is done. If you are ineligible for this subscription, money paid will be refunded in credit form to be used on Baby Express's website only. 

Product warranty servicing is only available in Singapore.

'Accidental damage coverage' covers all damages including liquid damage.

*Online lactation consultant assistance is limited to assisting usage with BE breast pumps only. Online video calls and physical session are not available.


Disclaimer :

Baby Express's online lactation consultation assist with matters pertaining to breast pumping using Baby Express's breast pumps only, and is limited through WhatsApp messaging services. This process requires information pertaining to individual's breastfeeding journey. Online video calls and physical sessions are not available.

Verification for a valid warranty and/or subscription is required prior assistance.

Baby Express do not guarantee product compatibility as it is subjected to individual's skin sensitivity and personal preferences. We strictly do not refund any product based on compatibility matter.

Lactation consultant is a health professional who is specialised in breastfeeding issues, but not medically trained and is unable to provide medical diagnosis and treatment. For matters that require medical intervention, you would need to consult an IBCLC or certified medical doctor.