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Frequently Asked Questions

At Baby Express, our breast pumps are designed to suit modern busy mothers. Convenience and portability is our top priority. As small and simple as it may seem, our breast pumps definitely don't lose out in terms of features. Keeping it simple to operate while covering all the essential needs. And not compromising on the quality. Breastfeeding cannot be made any much easier.


You can check out our retailers to have a touch and view of all our breast pumps before making your purchase now!

For order and shipping information, please refer to our Order & Shipping page.

Unfortunately, we would not be able to refund should you find that the flanges not fit you. If you can unsure about the fitting, please speak to us to find out more.

Alternatively, head over to our retailers to pick up a Nipple Ruler to check out your size.

'Hospital grade breast pump' is a term used to describe the breast pump being a closed system, where breast milk does not come in contact with the motor. Thus making it suitable for multiple users. 

All our breast pumps are closed system, making it suitable for multiple users.

We kept the essential modes of a breast pump and simplified the whole operating part. Making it very user friendly.

breast pump

BE Mini

Our flanges are fixed at 25mm, and is specially designed to fit our motor on top. Thus, there is no alternative flanges. However for smaller sizes, you can use flange inserts.

BE Mine

Each set comes with a pair of flanges at 25mm, and smaller sizes can use flange inserts. However, as its name, this pump is compatible with almost any flanges. Speak to us to find out more!

BE Free

Each set comes with a piece of flange at 24mm and 27mm, and smaller sizes can use the 24mm flange together with flange inserts.

Now you can obtain a Nipple Ruler from our retailers to check out your size before making a purchase.

Our pumps are compatible with wide neck bottles. No accessories needed.

For standard neck bottles, pair it with our bottle converter.

For Hegen bottles, pair it with their wide neck adapters.

Or pump directly into almost any milk bags with our milk bag clips.

other products

A silicone milk collector is piece of device where it can be stuck onto the breast using natural suction to collect milk. This is definitely an essential item for all breastfeeding mothers.

Recommended for over supply mothers as this device can help express milk with minimal suction pressure.

Idea for latching mothers who do not want to pump.

In the early days of breastfeeding, the nipples can be sensitive and covering it can cause discomfort and pain. With this shield, the nipples will be given space to breathe and it also collects letdowns. 

Another essential product that we highly recommend.

Similar to a traditional teether, our grab teether can be worn like a bracelet. As babies are still developing their motor skills, the tendency to lose their grip is very high. Keeping it on the wrist also makes it easier to bring it out and about. Having to pick up and wash a dropped teether every few seconds is not an easy task.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to WhatsApp us at +65 9720 7388!