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Frequently Asked Questions

At Baby Express, our breast pumps are designed to suit modern busy mothers. Convenience and portability is our top priority. As small and simple as it may seem, our breast pumps definitely don't lose out in terms of features. Keeping it simple to operate while covering all the essential needs. And not compromising on the quality. Breastfeeding cannot be made any much easier. If you have any more questions, please feel free to WhatsApp us at +65 9720 7388!


Baby Express is a Singapore registered company, founded by a Singaporean mother. Our products are mostly made in China; in factories with accredited international quality certifications and meet all safety standards as required. We also run additional quality control test and local checks before dispatching our products

Also tested and used by ourselves for quality assurance! 😉

To assist our mothers better, Baby Express team has started our journey on being internationally certified Lactation Consultant. 

At Baby Express, we don't just sell you a breast pump.  Every breast pump purchased comes with a subscription to our BF Program.

BF Program covers

  • 12 months breast pump motor warranty
  • 12 months online lactation consultant service

Extended coverage is available if you intend to breastfeed for a longer period of time.

Because breast pumping is not just about having a good breast pump. The whole journey is so much more than a product. In this magical journey, your body and your state of mind change. And all this would affect your breastfeeding journey. We know this because we are breastfeeding mothers too!

'Hospital grade breast pump' - the breast pump should be a closed system, where breast milk does not come in contact with the motor. Thus making it suitable for multiple users. It should also come with a range of suction levels/modes to suit different people.

All of Baby Express's breast pumps are a closed system, making them suitable for multiple users, and also preventing milk from flowing back into the breast pump motor. It also comes with a range of suction levels/modes to allow users to choose their preferred suction strength. Small and mighty, our pump's suction strength goes up to 300mmhg.

We believe that every breast pump that is available in the market are good pumps. Similar to clothing, every brand works differently for everyone. We believe that there is no one pump that fits all.

At Baby Express, being a working and breastfeeding mother ourselves, we understand the needs of Singaporean mothers better. We keep the essential functions of a breast pump and simplified the whole operating part. Making it user friendly, compact and convenient for modern mothers.

With effect from March 2023, all breast pump purchased also comes with online lactation consultation services to assist users in their breast pumping journey with Baby Express.

Want to know more about our pumps, head down to Parents Place. 

3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #03-21, Singapore 569139

Monday to Friday 11am to 7pm

2nd Saturdays of the month 11am to 4pm

(Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays)


Alternatively, you can just reach out to us via WhatsApp message at our general hotline for assistance!

At Baby Express, we are not going to lie that any one of our breast pumps would definitely suit you. You can refer to the following chart to view the pump specifications and differences to find which suit you the best.


We sell our pumps individually to allow mothers to choose their own style of pumping. Some mothers prefer to pump 1 side at a time and some stay-at-home mothers who latch would only need 1 pump. Or simply just buy 1 to try out first and if it works great for you, you can always get another!

If you intend to exclusively pump, we would recommend that you get a pair as it helps to save time. Also, a pair would come in handy when you are pumping very frequently.

For over-supply mothers, we recommend that you pump 1 side each time, an alternative would be pairing the breast pump with our silicone milk collector or simply using a breast shield.

For convenience and also to minimise material used, our user's guide are all in soft copy on our website.

Refer to our product guide page for instructional videos. Our user's guide and troubleshooting guide can be downloaded there too. If you need further clarification or assistance on using our products, you can reach out to our technical hotline for assistance.

We seek your understanding that our team is run mainly by mothers who have 2 or more children. Thus, responding through messages will allow us to better provide you with accurate information. Also, should you need to refer back, all the information is simply there on your phone. How convenient!

For technical assistance, do note that we would need to run through a series of questions. As breast pumping is not just about owning a breast pump, body conditions may also affect your pumping output. Do note that we are doing our best to help you online so that you can resume your pumping sessions as soon as possible and also avoid you making an unnecessary trip down to our servicing centre.

Order & Shipping

Please note that our delivery is done via a 3rd party courier. We would definitely do our best to assist you however there may be limitations in what we can do.

Door-step delivery : 2-3 working days

Express delivery* : within 36 working hours

Oversea delivery* : to be adviced

*Kindly contact us to make the necessary arrangement and obtain the estimated delivery date/time before placing an order. Do note that we are unable to cancel the order should you not agree to the delivery date/time after placing an order without contacting us.


Peak period; double-date sales or promo period, please allow additional 1-2 days for delivery.

Super peak period; Christmas and CNY Month, please allow additional 2-3 days for delivery.


For more shipping information, please refer to our Order & Shipping page.

Unfortunately, we would not be able to refund or exchange any breast pump that is opened. If you are unsure about the flange size fitting, please speak to us to find out more before making a purchase. 

As suction pressure is very subjective to individuals, we are unable to make any exceptions due to this. However, do note that the start of your pumping journey may not be as smooth as you think. It is normal to feel sore at the beginning, but not cause any injury. 

For BE user assistance, please WhatsApp message our technical assistant for help.

Self-collection is available 24/7. Orders are normally packed and ready for collection in an hour, during operating hours only. Once ready, you should receive an email or sms notification. If you urgently need to pick up an item, kindly whatsapp message us to ensure our availability.

Self-collection venue : Parents Place

3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #01-04, Singapore 569139

(Please head to our back door to pick up your parcel after operating hours)


Kindly note that our premises have 24/7 cctv surveilliance.

General Product Info

The warranty period for all products starts from the date of purchase or item received, whichever is later.

Do register your product within 7 days upon purchase and upload your baby's edd to postpone (breast pump only) the start of your warranty.


Applicable for breast pump(s) only

To postpone the start of your warranty, for any breast pump purchase made before the birth of your baby, you would need to upload your proof of estimated due date; doctor's card, or baby scan.

Postpone of warranty start date is limited to a maximum of 5 months. Should your purchase be made more than 5 months in advance, the warranty will start from 5 months based on the purchase receipt date.


All our pump parts can be steamed, boiled and UV sterilised. 

Wiping the pump motor, especially the bottom, after use, with a damp cloth is also a good practice to keep your pump motor clean. 

It is completely normal for pump parts to turn yellow when using a UV steriliser. This is due to the absorption of the UV pigmentation. Please refer to our pump part page to check out our recommendation on when to change your parts.

Do not flip breast pump motor and squeeze damp cloth while cleaning. Water droplets may enter the internal part through the air vent and damage it. 

All BE breast pump comes with a default 24mm flange. They are also available in 27mm, sold separately. For smaller sizes, we have a range of flange inserts, ranging from 13mm to 21mm, that can be paired with our 24mm flange.

To have a smoother pumping experience, having a flange that fits nicely onto your nipple will help prevent some unnecessary discomfort/pain.

We recommend that you measure your nipple nearer to due date, or in the last trimester as nipple size may change. It may also change during the course of breastfeeding.

You can use a ruler to measure the diamater, add 2-3mm to the nearest available flange size. That is the general guide on the size to use. Alternatively, you can download our printable nipple ruler here or head down to any of our retailer to obtain 1.

It is recommended to measure your nipple size after giving birth or not more than 2 weeks before due date.

We highly recommend following the safety and hygiene guide provided by W.H.O. and CDC. They recommend all pump parts be washed thoroughly and sterilised before/after every use. This would help protect babies from comin in contact with germs.

Do note that refrigerating pump parts does not stop bacterial growth. Babies can become ill from contaminated milk due to bacteria grown on pump parts that were not properly cleaned. For more information, you can refer to CDC's website.

Unlike traditional breast pumps, our pump motor is connected directly to the pump parts. Refrigerated pump parts when brought out to room temperature may form condensation and any condensation on the diaphragm may get sucked into the pump motor. This will damage the pump motor and cause it to malfunction.

Our BE Mini X is compatible with wide neck bottles such as Avent and Spectra. For BE Free and BE Nude, milk is pumped directly into our collection cups and would need to be poured into storage bottles or milk bags for storage.


For other brands, please check out our bottle adapters for more information.

For Hegen bottles, pair it with their wide neck adapters.


Or pump directly into almost any milk bag with our milk bag clips.

Baby Teether

Looking for the ultimate teething solutions for your precious little one?

Teething can be quite a challenging time for both babies and parents alike, with little ones often feeling irritable and fussy throughout this phase.

Baby Express offers the best baby teethers specifically designed to provide effective pain relief for your baby's teething pain and promote healthy chewing habits for a smoother teething experience!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to WhatsApp us at +65 9720 7388!