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About Us

It started with a trip online to find portable and convenient products to breeze through the day as a mother of 4-to-be. And then the thought of ‘how can I tackle the daily problems and breastfeed’ came along! It's definitely no joke when you are breastfeeding 1 and handling 3 other kids. Many simple daily task will become a challenge. 

After all, we only have 24 hours a day when we actually need 42 hours! And many times, we get torn between pumping or having to do something else. So why not both?

Breastfeeding itself is not an easy task; having to cope with the new arrival and crazy hormones, on top of the 101 things that were already there. Getting portable products are so important because being a parent in this modern society, everyone is always on-the-go. 

Baby Express was founded by a working mother for working mothers. Doing what we can, to make parenting a breeze for everyone. Because we know what it is like to breastfeed, work and being a mother.

With modern innovations at affordable, we empower modern mothers in having a longer and smoother breastfeeding journey.

Managed by a mini team of breastfeeding/breastfed/breastfeeding-to-be mothers, we truly understand the craziness that happens all day, everyday. 

Baby Express Singapore Pte Ltd is made possible because of everyone. We are very thankful for all the support and understanding from all our customers. 

Thank you for choosing Baby Express. We are honoured to join you on your breastfeeding journey.