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Contoured Ice Brick

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Conveniently fits into all types of cooler bags, lunch bags and coolers.

  • Safe, non-toxic, reusable, leak proof, durable
  • Contour shaped to fit around milk bottles


How to use:

Fill container with gel mixture until 80% full with water.

Shake it for about 1 minute until gel forms.

Freeze ice brick flat for about 6-8 hours before use.

Place frozen ice brink with in cooler bag with items.

Keeps cool up to 12 hours.

Once mixed, ice brick can be reused up to 3 years.


Other Information

Size : 20 x 5 x 10.5cm

Material : Plastic

*Ice brick comes with gel mixture and requires to be filled with water.



All ice brick are checked thoroughly prior delivery to ensure gel mixture (powder form) is included. Baby Express is not liable for any piece that is claimed to not have gel mixture included.


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