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Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover

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Breastfeeding in public can be made easy for mummies who needs some privacy! Just a quick 1-hand slip-on and you are good to go!


Multi-purposes use

Can be used as a cover for car seats / high chair or a baby wrap

360 coverage

No peeking corners for mummies who prefer to have their privacy 

Breathable material

Soft, thin and stretchy, making it great for our sunny weather


Other information

Free size

Measurement: 68cm x 70cm

Material: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex


Care guide

- Machine wash cold

- Water temperature <30°C

- Tumble dry low

- Do not bleach

- Iron on low


Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. Colour of actual item may vary slightly from image.

customers' review

Hear it from the customers themselves

One of the best breast pumps :) Compact, looks nice and easy to clean as well. Suction is comparable to spectra and more affordable. My favourite breast pump! 

Lee Yingqi

Never did i expect such a small pump to be so good and it’s really compatible with S1+ ! Im totally in love with this. After trying it out, im definitely ditching my s9+ away becos i yield the same amount using BeMini just in 15mins instead of 45mins.

Shaine Yanting

✔️Portable pump which is good for both on the go + home usage
✔️Cordless pump to do away with ugly + messy tubings

Got BE mini(OG version) after researching and reading up reviews about how its suction power is comparable to S1(hospital grade). I’m not able to testify that as I’ve been using BE mini as my main pump since but comparing to another portable pump(Imani) which I tried, BE mini is definitely easier to clean, more comfortable(silicon flange) & yields more! Love how BE mini checked all the boxes of my criteria(bonus for being so aesthetic- one of, if not the prettiest) & now I’ve upgraded to minix and still loving it!💕

Chong Jia Hui

Pump is light, efficent, easy to clean and travel with. Love the convenience - no dangling tubes or bulky chargers. Highly recommended for busy mums!

Jiawen Jacklyn

I’m amazed that a small portable pump could be as strong as hospital grade pump. Love that it’s so convenient, lightweight and best of all it’s cordless!! I have been using it for 5 months and have officially dump my other pumps aside. No regrets at all.

Maythida Patcharapinyopong

Have been using this cordless pump for more than 6 months and I'm extremely pleased with its performance and convenience! Feels so good to be able to pump anywhere without the hassle of wires or having to look for power points! This is indeed a pump specially designed for breastfeeding moms who are always on the go! Design is pleasing to the eyes as it is pastel coloured! Would recommend to mummies who are starting to breastfeed!

Yixuan Penelope