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be mini x portable breast pump

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Portable breast pumps now made even better  

No more worries about having your little ones tugging onto your pump tubes! 

No more fussing when you have to move around while pumping!

Go hands-free when attached to hands free pumping bra!


- 2 essential modes ; stimulation and expression

- Built-in rechargeable battery

- LED screen indication

- Low noise

- Closed system with anti-backflow 

- 180ml PPSU bottle


Portable Breast Pumps Designed for the Modern Mummy


Portable Design

Unlike a double electric pump, our wireless breast pump is light and small, perfectly fitting into your diaper bag.

It also only has 6 parts to assemble so your pump is ready to go within seconds.

Rechargeable Battery

Pump anywhere and everywhere even when running low on battery life!

Unlike a manual pump, you can easily plug your portable breast pump into your power bank and resume your pumping sessions while you charge.

Mummy Friendly Operation

No more hassle from more complicated devices like a double electric breast pump.

Theres only two mechanisms: 1-button switch to turn it on/off and change modes, and a touch screen to adjust suction strength.

Closed-System Pump

Proprietary anti-backflow diaphragm to prevent fluid contact with the motor, minimising contamination and making it safe for multiple users.

Low Noise Level

Our portable pump is as soft as a whisper, making it easy to pump discreetly beside your sleeping baby.

Silicone Flange

Our portable electric breast pumps com with a silicone flange that is soft and gentle on the skin, providing ultra comfort even for the most sensitive skin.


the best breast pumps for your needs


Package includes

- Electric breast pump motor

- Flange set with 24mm

- 180ml PPSU bottle 

- USB cable (Type C)


Now available online

 BE Mini X User's Guide 


Other information

Flange size: 24mm 

Size: 23cm x 15.5cm

Total weight : apprx. 340g

Power adaptor (5V 1A) excluded


The breast pump motor is not waterproof and should not be in contact with any liquid at all times.


Enjoy convenience in every aspect of your breastfeeding journey with our hands-free pump

Our priority at Baby Express has always been about making parents' lives easier.

Aside from utility of the portable breast pump itself, we want to ensure you have an excellent experience after you receive your product.

Thus, our portable breast pump comes with 12-months manufacturer warranty and online lactation consultant after-sales assistance!

Want more coverage?

Check out our new BF Program subscription.


Customise your portable pump

Our portable pumps are also available in 27mm flange. For smaller sizes, pair with our flange inserts instead!

Not sure about your flange size? Check your size with our printable Nipple Ruler!

Go hands-free with pumping bras.

Compatible with most wide-neck bottles or pair it using a bottle adapter / Hegen bottles.

Save the hassle by pumping directly into milk bags with our milk bag clip.

Complete your breastfeeding needs with our bundles!


why choose baby express?

quick and hassle-free servicing & repair

Get your breast pumps serviced/repaired within 60 minutes at our children-friendly service centre or right from the convenience of your own home.

stellar after-sales customer service

Enjoy peace of mind with a generous 12-month warranty on our breast pump motor and a dedicated after-sales team.

exclusive access to our breastfeeding program

Each breast pump purchase comes with access to our exclusive breastfeeding program, offering subscription-based consultation services to address any breastfeeding issues.

designed for the modern woman

Our products are specifically crafted with busy and modern mothers in mind, ensuring portability and convenience.

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